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The Weald Community School

The WealdCommunity School and Sixth Form

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Pupil Premium Plan 2017-18

Pupil Premium Strategy 2017-18

For 2017-2018, The Weald has received £128.807 as Pupil Premium funding to support the progress of 221 students. This is up to the end of the financial year in March 2018.

GCSE Attainment Data (2017)

Year Group

All students

PP Students


+0.39 (P8)

-0.19 (P8)



Target group

Summary and intended outcome

Leader of Pupil Premium Progress

Years 7-11

A whole-school leader will have responsibility for the progress of disadvantaged students in order to highlight those at risk of underachievement and co-ordinate interventions to avoid this.

Timetabled Maths intervention

Year 11

Qualified Maths teachers will teach small intervention groups of pupils at risk of underachievement.

Timetabled English intervention

Year 11

Qualified English teachers will lead small intervention groups of pupils at risk of underachievement.

PP passports

Years 7-8

Years 9-11

The KS3 and the KS4 Learning Mentors will update individual contextual information (PP passports) for teaching staff by interviewing every PP student in the school to identify barriers to learning.

Homework Club

Years 7-8

KS3 Learning mentor will oversee Homework club targeting pupils’ at risk of underachievement. PP students’ needs are considered first.

KS4 Catch-up

Years 9-11

KS4 Learning mentor supervises vulnerable students including PP students with needs in catch-up sessions.

Literacy and numeracy intervention

Years 7-10

Small intervention groups of pupils at risk of underachievement are identified and receive additional literacy and numeracy support sessions from qualified teachers and experienced literacy specialists..

Curriculum and enrichment trips

Years 7-11

A wide range of trips are subsidised to ensure that all PP pupils can participate in the wider life of the school.

Materials for practical subjects

Years 7-11

PPG students’ materials and ingredients are subsidised for Art and Design Technology lessons so they can take part in this aspect of the national curriculum.

Careers support

Years 10-11

Support for finding work experience placements and financial support for subsistence and commuting is provided for PP students so they can access work experience. They are prioritised when it comes to 1-1 Careers interviews.

Staff training

Years 7-11

Teachers’ CPD offer includes the chance to Take part in a PP Committee and receive training on software that allows them to track students’ progress and undertake interventions with their own PP students.

Music lessons

Years 7-11

Lessons for a variety of musical instruments, to enrich students’ curricular experience, are provided.

Shoes/school uniform

Years 7-11

When needs arise, PP students are bought school shoes, PE Kit, blazers and other uniform items to overcome a barrier to learning.

Attendance officer

Years 7-11

The attendance of students is closely monitored and every absence is followed up on a daily basis in order to improve the rate of attendance amongst PP students to support their progress.