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Pupil Premium, Catch Up Premium and FSM

The government concentrates significant funding and focus to ensure that those students that are perceived to come from more disadvantaged backgrounds are supported to engage and make progress. Pupil Premium students are those who have been on Free School Meals (FSM) at any point over the past 6 years (Ever6), children who have been looked after continuously for at least 6 months (CLA) or children whose parents are in the armed forces.                  

For the year 2018/2019 the Pupil Premium has a value of £935 per eligible pupil. Neither the government nor any government agencies have set out how the Pupil Premium money should be spent, but it is clear is that the money should be used to narrow the attainment gap between the highest and lowest achieving pupils. This is what we at The Weald are setting about doing with our pledge and commitment:            

The Weald School’s Pupil Premium Commitment:

  • Ensuring excellent academic progress

  • Knowing individual students’ stories and removing their barriers to learning

  • Developing resilience and self-esteem

The Weald School’s Pupil Premium Pledge:

  • To ensure students sit somewhere they can easily receive teacher attention - in formal lesson observations and on learning walks, PPG visibility will be appraised;

  • To mark students’ work first and frequently - in progress reviews, evaluation weeks, lesson observations and through departmental systems’ management, PPG students’ books/folders/practical work will be scrutinised;

  • To meet students’ needs by being persistently attentive about supporting progress by offering differentiated opportunities to learn - we will know individuals’ stories and provide solutions to their barriers to learning.

We focus on the areas that research tells us make the greatest difference. There are a range of different types of interventions that the school provides including:

  • The appointment of an additional member of the school leadership team whose exclusive focus is narrowing the PP gap;

  • Support of  basic literacy and numeracy skills with specialised tutors;

  • Small group support through subject specific English and Maths Learning Advisors who provide intensive support to raise skills in key areas when needed;

  • Learning Mentors at KS3 and KS4 who work with a range of students to enhance general progress and develop learning habits across all their subjects.

  • Use of peer-tutoring, which research shows is effective and enables older and younger students to work together to increase understanding;

  • Use of some of the funding to support those students who find it difficult to provide the very basic equipment and experiences that are needed for success in specific subject areas;

Enabling wider engagement and participation

We know from research and from experience that when students engage fully in school life, join clubs and activities, their self-esteem rises and they are more likely to be successful. Therefore we use some funding to subsidise eligible students to attend trips to make sure that all our students are able to benefit from all of the enhancement opportunities available at The Weald.

Promoting personal wellbeing and attendance

Our Learning Mentors, help students develop personal understanding, resilience and self-esteem alongside learning habits. Attendance is also a priority; although the school average is high, there is irrefutable evidence that attendance is directly linked to successful outcomes. We at The Weald want this for all of our students.