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Weald Mock Election Result

1210 students voted in our school mock election with a 70% turn out, which is better than any national rate. Some students were unable to vote due to exams, so it was great to see so many of them actively participating.

At The Weald School, the Liberal Democrat party led the way. They made big gains on Labour who were the previous winners of the 2017 school mock election. Conservatives and Greens took votes from Labour, and the final outcome is as follows:

  • 1st Liberal Democrats 33% of the votes
  • 2nd Conservatives 28% of the votes
  • 3rd Green 21% of the votes
  • 4th Labour 18% of the votes
  • 5th Peace Party 12 % of the votes

The whole election process ignited an interest in politics with students discussing the political parties and their promises. A functioning democracy relies on active, informed citizens. It is a well-established fact that young people vote at lower rates than older people. However, low voter turnout is not an unsolvable problem. By actively engaging our students in the political process, we might create some long-term interest, and perhaps a future Prime Minister is in our midst!