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The Weald Community School

The WealdCommunity School and Sixth Form

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Y11 Activities - Summer Term 2021

‘There are decades where nothing happens - and there are weeks where decades happen’ Lenin

The current situation is unprecedented and students in year 11 have had the end of their secondary schooling turned on its head. They have had to cope with a large amount of change and uncertainty in a very short period of time. They have coped magnificently and we are committed to supporting them into their post sixteen choices. 

Wherever students are going in September, we believe a set of key skills will enable them to hit the ground running. These are being open-minded and have a love of learning outside of the classroom so that at interview/application they can prove they have completed the reading and research that makes them critical thinkers and, most importantly, interesting to teach. To help students develop this set of skills we have provided some resources in the links on the right. There are academic as well as personal activities to engage all students, for those on academic as well as vocational pathways.

Now is also a time to broaden horizons and begin to look even post eighteen. We have provided short activities for students to complete that begin to prepare them for life beyond college. Cooking meals, opening bank accounts, and shopping for oneself are all things that we have to master at some point and when better to start than now. A time to look to the future with positivity and optimism.

Many students will be going onto sixth forms to study traditional A levels. To support this we have provided a generic set of bridging activities (the preparation for A level links on the right) as well as more specific activities for students wishing to come to the Weald (preparation for Weald sixth form links).

We have also linked the letters and e-newsletters that have been sent home this term.

We have been enormously proud of the resilience and fortitude shown by year 11 in the past few months and I know that, whatever their future paths, they will carry the best wishes of the staff with them.

Work Experience:

Click here to view the letters sent home to Y11 parents.