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The Weald Community School

The WealdCommunity School and Sixth Form

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School Uniform


The Weald School uniform policy requires that the items listed below should be purchased for all students. The majority of uniform and PE items are available from our school uniform suppliers:

3 Piries Place, Horsham, RH12 1EH  
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 01403 259620     

Sussex Uniforms
8 Bishopric, Horsham, RH12 1QR
Email: [email protected]  
Tel: 01444 227066 

Core items may also be available from other school wear suppliers, but they must be compliant with the school uniform policy.


The school expects and encourages every student to look smart at all times. Students are expected to present with: natural and tidy hair, no extreme styles or colours. Examples of these would include styles which are shorter than a grade 2 and those which are short on the sides or back and then stepped into a longer length on top. 'Steps', 'ridges' and patterns are not appropriate for school.

No nail varnish or acrylic nails. Natural and discreet foundation is acceptable but eye make-up and lip make-up is not suitable or necessary for school. This includes coloured in eyebrows. Eyebrows should be natural and not coloured. It is the school's judgement on whether these expectations have been met. If in any doubt always check with your Head of House before making any changes. It is vital for all property to be clearly marked with the student’s name. In this way, lost property can be traced.


Jewellery is limited to one plain watch and one small pair of gold or silver studs. These should be in the ear and not in the part of the ear that attaches to the face (tragus or anti tragus piercing). No piercings other than the ear are acceptable. Nose and tongue studs are not permitted. Students will be asked to remove them.


All students are to wear shoes: trainers and boots are NOT allowed. Trainers are only to be worn during PE/Games lessons where appropriate. Shoes must be of a style suitable for school in plain black polishable leather-style. Brown soled, canvas or suede shoes may not be worn. Socks must be grey, black or white. An alternative would be plain grey, black or natural coloured tights.

Outer Wear

Outer jackets may be worn when travelling to school in inclement weather but should be in addition to, and not a replacement for the school blazer. Hooded sweatshirts or tracksuit tops that cover the uniform are not appropriate outer coats.

Please note that the blazer AND polo shirt should be worn together, and the Weald jumper is to be worn in addition to the blazer, not instead of.

School Bag

The possession of a sturdy school bag is strongly advised and books should be covered.

School Uniform Items

  • Maroon blazer
  • Maroon polo shirt with logo
  • Maroon jumper with logo (optional)
  • Black smart loose fitting trousers or shorts (Not jeans or chino style trousers or cargo style)
  • White, black or grey socks or natural or black tights
  • Plain black polishable leather or leather-style shoes (not trainers, including leather trainers or canvas shoes)
  • Black part pleated school skirt just above the knee (e.g. Banner style “Henley”) available from Broadbridges and Sussex Uniforms

PE uniform

  • PE polo top, white with logo
  • PE sweatshirt, black with logo (optional)
  • PE rugby top, black & white reversible (compulsory for rugby wear, optional for other winter wear)
  • Black tracksuit bottoms
  • Black football shorts
  • Rugby shorts (optional)
  • Black long socks – For football, rugby & hockey
  • White sports socks for all other activities
  • Black cycle or football shorts
  • Black Weald leggings (optional)


PE Kit:

The Weald prides itself on its well-earned reputation as being a county leader in sports activities and excellence. Well-presented students are a source of pride on public display and in lessons. 

PE polo shirt, sweatshirt, reversible black & white rugby shirt and black leggings can be obtained from both Broadbridges and Sussex Uniforms.


All students should bring a pair of ‘grippy socks’ or plimsolls to wear in drama lessons. Otherwise, they are expected to work in bare feet. Students wearing skirts should wear leggings or tracksuit bottoms underneath.


The required kit for this subject is PE polo top, black shorts, white ankle socks and indoor trainers.