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Year 9 Virtual Baby Project

The Virtual Baby project and Year 9’s Sex and Relationship programme is running again.  


Due to the success of last year’s Virtual Baby project and Year 9’s Sex and Relationship programme, the project is running again.  This year we have given nine students in Year 9 the opportunity to learn from the experience of what it means to become a parent. The programme is designed to inform young people about the realities of parenting and involves caring for a virtual baby over 3 days.

The baby will require care throughout the day and night based on the schedule of a real baby. When the baby cries, it is the student’s responsibility to attend to the baby’s needs. The baby responds by the care that it is given, the student has to judge the baby needs – feeding, burping, rocking or nappy changing and respond appropriately. During the whole process the care provided is recorded by the baby.

This programme will help our young people and school community to explore the realities of parenting.

·         Babies’ demands are unpredictable and must be met promptly.

·         Babies require a great deal of time and attention.

·         Babies change parents’ lives profoundly.

Students who are participating in this project volunteered and were chosen through a selection process. The students involved will be feeding back to their Personal Development class their findings from their experience.