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Parent Voice Partnership

Recognising the vital role that our parent/carer community plays in supporting our young people to learn, grow and thrive, we are keen to continue to offer opportunities for parent/carers to be actively involved in our school community and engage in open channels of communication. 


Throughout the year, our Parent Voice Partnership group works closely with Ms Rigby (Community Engagement) as representative of the parent/carer community and advocates of the school; this is representative of all year groups and families within our wider community.


As part of our Parent Voice Partnership meetings, parent/carers are invited to join us face to face for refreshments and discussion roughly each half term. This is an informal platform to share feedback from our parent/carer community, raise any issues and discuss particular initiatives or areas of concern that we can then follow up on as a school.


If you are not interested in joining us for a meeting and would like to find out more or if you would like to raise any issues or points for discussion at our next meeting please feel free to email

Please see below, information from our recent Parent Voice meeting's.