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Kenya Mural in the LRC

Hannah Haines, Year 9, has recently completed a major mural in the LRC. It has taken over six months to complete. She explains below how the project came about.

The Kenyan Mural project started back in 2012 when I was in Year 8 and a member of the Key Stage 3 after school Art Club. The aim of the project was to celebrate the link that The Weald has with our partner school in Nabunga, Kenya.
My journey started by researching Kenyan life and culture then experimenting with ideas and different art  techniques. It is here that I got inspiration for my final idea. The design is based upon the London Eye and the carriages around the edge celebrate the similarities and differences in life for young people in the UK and Kenya.
Making the mural was quite complicated and took a very long time. First I had to draw it and enlarge it onto the wall using a projector then I had the big job of painting it. This was quite hard as I had to be really careful when doing smaller areas like the carriages and often paint more than one coat.
The walls around the mural were decorated with animal paw prints by Lucy Thomas, Izzy Lofts and Sarah Warren. I would just like to say thank you so much to them and everyone that helped in the process! I really appreciate your help!