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The Comenius Year 9 Art project

The Art project has come to its completion and the Year 9 Art enrichment students who were involved produced some excellent work, some of which is now on display in the LRC. 

The Comenius Art project has come to its completion and the Year 9 Art enrichment students who were involved produced some excellent work, some of which is now on display in the LRC.

It was an interesting project for students to be involved in and they liked the challenge of responding to an audio description in order to produce a piece of art work. The three winning students who worked really hard on their pieces are lucky enough to be now going to Austria in January to visit one of our partnership schools and meet other students who were also involved in the project. 

The three winners are Josephine Schirn , Izzy Sherlock –Fuidge and Abbiegail Davey, so congratulations to them and well done for working so hard to produce such great art pieces.

Ms Dalby 



Comenius Project

In the Comenius project we had to describe 1 of 4 famous paintings in the UK we then had to record our descriptions in under a minute. We then listen to a recording from either  Germany, Switzerland, Italy or Austria we then painted what we heard.  We used acrylic paint, chalk pastels, oil pastels, coloured pencils and other materials.

I really enjoyed the Comenius project because not everyone had the same recording and if someone had the same recording as you your paintings were still different.  It was harder as we had never used acrylic before and with normal paint if we got it on us it would wash out but with acrylic paint if you get it on your clothes they are stained.

I really enjoyed the project and look forward to going to Austria with two other girls from my year. I’m very proud that out of my class of thirty my picture was the winning one.  

Izzy Sherlock-Fuidge 

Comenius Project November/December 2013

In the Comenius project we had to write up and practise a description of certain art piece, from the UK, then tape it as an audio. We had to describe the colours, shapes and figures in the picture and then taped them but it had to be under a minute. The teacher then had to post then onto the Comenius website and then we had to wait and practise drawing from audios and other people’s descriptions of a picture in my class. After we went into an IT room and logged onto the Comenius website, we then listened to other students audios; we made notes about what they said and tried to think of ideas of how to draw this from a simple explanation.

After talking to the class about what are ideas were and how we were going to create this piece of art; we started to sketch out our drawing. My partner and I worked really hard in trying to get the colours and shapes right as our description of a picture was simple but was enough to create from. The materials we used was Acrylic paint and was quite hard to use, as my partner and I wanted a kind of messy look as there would be different textures and depth of the paint. This did not happen as we had to water down the paint so we couldn’t get the depth we hoped for.

Otherwise, I really enjoyed this project as I could show my creativity and ideas to others. It was also a good experience that I could use Acrylic paint as I have never used it before.  

Abbiegail Davey