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WorthLess? Fair Funding for Schools

WorthLess? has been asked to contribute to an Education Select Committee on the issue.

It has gathered responses from over 1500 schools across 30 counties to report on the impact that current funding is having on schools in these areas. Attached is a copy of the letter that has been sent to the Chair of the committee, Robert Halfon MP. You will find the contents of the letter interesting. The headlines are:
  • To make budgets balance in 2018/19 60% of schools reduced staffing by one or more teacher(s)
  • To make budgets balance in 2018/19 80% reduced TAs / support staff by at least one – over 50% by 2 plus
  • 90% of heads stated that under NFF they have no financial certainty for ‘meaningful financial planning’ beyond 1 year
  • 90% of schools use at least a portion of Pupil Premium funds to ‘prop up core budgets’. Half of the respondents use 50%+. In other words, heads are stating that money targeted for the poorest and most needy families is actually having to be used to keep the school budget afloat
Worthless? continues to make the point that education is underfunded and that the newly introduced 
national Funding Formula will not do much to remedy the situation for counties such as West Sussex.