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The Weald Community School

The WealdCommunity School and Sixth Form

School (Y7 - 11): 01403 787200

Sixth Form: 01403 787283

The Weald Sixth Form in Top 20% Nationally

We are delighted to have received a Certificate of Outstanding Progress from ALPS (A-level Performance System)

This confirms that the performance of our Sixth Form students places us comfortably within the top 20% of Sixth Forms nationally. 

The data represents a three year period, so shows our sustained high performance over time. Importantly this data does not just recognise the amazing achievements of those who get the very highest grades but takes into account the progress of all students. This shows that all of our Sixth Form students make excellent progress.

We asked a current Sixth Form student why they thought the performance is so good. They answered: “The key to student success in A-level subjects is the amazing support of our teachers. As classes are smaller than in the lower school we are always able to get help with our work.”