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Headteacher's Latest Update

Please click here to view the latest communication sent to parents and students during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Video message from the Headteacher  PLEASE CLICK HERE  (25th May).

For updates and news please watch the video above. I have listed the points I cover briefly below, but for more detail and explanation please watch the video.

  • Thank you to all students and parents who have completed surveys this term or taken part in a forum. We have made many changes as a result of your feedback.

  • The government plans to issue guidance to secondary schools on May 28th about starting to reopen so it is difficult to be certain about our plans at this stage.

  • We are keen to cater for the children of any key workers who have had to return to work. We have sent out a survey to collect information if you need to take up provision in school for your child after the half term break.

  • We are also keen to ensure we prioritise those students who have an EHCP or are in receipt of the PPG grant. We have either contacted parents directly or sent a survey to collect information.

  • We will have some Sixth Form students in school after half term retaking year 12  into 13 exams. We are then looking tentatively at whether we can make some provision for some practical subjects in this last half term.

  • In the video message above I explain our initial thinking about how we might start expanding provision for students. As a result of current social distancing guidance we are likely to only be able to get 8-10 students in a classroom. Some staff will not be able to be in school due to health conditions, shielding or they live with vulnerable family members. I explain how a classroom group of 8-10 students would work as a “bubble” in the same room, with the same staff each day. This is to reduce the risk of Covid transmission. I give an example that those students who come in on the same bus would need to work in the same room. Students would work independently on the work set online by staff. The teachers supervising are unlikely to be the students’ regular teachers as current guidance suggests we will need to use the same staff with a “bubble” each day to minimize the number of people students come into proximity with. 

  • I go on to explain how we might change the timetable a week or so after the break to help such a system work better.

  • All of this is dependent on government guidance that will come out on May 25th so everything may yet need to change.

  • Year 9 students have mocks after May half term so use the time to revise.

  • Ms Mead had put some maps of local walks that current and potential Duke of Edinburgh students can do over the break. The link takes you to the D of E page and should find them there.

  • Make sure you have seen the Friday assembly - link for 22nd May. It uses the film "Groundhog Day" starring Bill Murray and you need to watch this three-minute trailer first to give you a sense of the film. The assembly itself is on this link.

Keep safe and keep working.

Peter Woodman

Please find below letters which have been sent to the whole school recently. For letters sent to specific year groups or to view all previous letters, go to Parents/Letters Home and select a Key Stage or click here.