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Action against Bullying

Bullying: It doesn't have to happen to you.

Bullying can happen in school and in the work place. Bullying is when someone deliberately hurts, intimidates or makes someone else feel uncomfortable, unsafe.

Bullying can be emotional or physical harmful behaviour. Bullying can lead to self-doubt, lack of confidence, low self-esteem, depression, anxiety and sometimes self-harm. Bullying is repeated or serious; it is harmful to everyone involved, not just the person being bullied. It includes ...

Actions to hurt, humiliate and intimidate others.

  • Hitting
  • Pushing
  • Poking
  • Making someone trip intentionally
  • Sexual harassment or any physical touch without consent
  • Abusing someone else's belongings by taking without permission, stealing, hiding or damaging them in any way

Repeated or systematic verbal abuse.

  • Name calling
  • Insults
  • Negative remarks regarding

Repeated or systematic social bullying

  • Lying about someone (blaming them for a problem)
  • Spreading rumours
  • Gossiping
  • Revealing secrets
  • Making a fool of someone by playing a nasty joke
  • Mimicking
  • Excluding someone from a group or ostracizing them

Including by means of cyber bullying

  •  Phones, Texts, SMS, E-mail, Social networking

It is not….

  • Sibling rivalry
  • Disagreements between friends / not liking someone
  • Being left out of an event / discussion
  • Crowded corridors or staircases / accidental bumping
  • Someone being bossy
  • Single jokes about someone else
  • Isolated acts of aggression or meanness

Action against bullying

Bullying is more likely to continue if a person keeps quiet and lets the bully have power by staying quiet. Bullies are less likely to bully people who are strong and stand up to them. We will always try to help students with any form of bullying that is reported to us.

In school:

  • Tell a teacher or your tutor
  • Speak to your Head of House
  • Speak to one of our trained peer mediators to report or resolve a problem
  • Email to report a problem
  • If it happens on school bus report it to one of the senior bus monitors or your Form Tutor/Head of House

We address incidents of bullying seriously with both the bully and the victim. We graduate our response to the level of incident and the extent of any repetition. We can however only deal with incidents we know about. It is vital to report bullying

Bullying outside school:

If the bullying is taking place outside school we can also help you find support from a range of support agencies. For example: Bullying Online