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The Weald Community School

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Charitable Trust

The Weald Charitable Trust is a registered charity which receives its funds through donations from parents of current students and some former pupils. The donations made by them are then largely used to provide facilities not normally provided by the Local Authority.

We have made some changes in how funds are distributed. Student council representatives now prioritise issues that they feel need attention in the school and present these ideas to the trustees. Students have been keen to target areas which maximise the numbers of students who will benefit directly.   

Where has the money been spent?

  • Two sets of girls’ football kit, one for each key stage (the current kit is over 12 years old). The school takes part in around 25-30 fixtures a year and involves pupils from year 7 through to year 13.
  • A digital mixing desk which is being used for Music Technology and school productions, and new equipment for Radio Weald which broadcasts to the whole of the school and is very much enjoyed by all pupils.
  • We have also purchased new tub chairs for use in the LRC, an area that is used by all students.  We will also be consulting with student representatives to see where they are keen to see funds spent.  Such facilities are not funded by the Local Authority, so all donations received by parents go towards these projects, therefore your contributions can make a big difference.

How can you contribute?

Parents/Carers can make a contribution to The Weald School Charitable Trust using ParentPay with your unique login and password.  ParentPay is our preferred single donation option as it is a real-time transaction and saves on administration for the school. To make a donation you need to select The Weald School Charitable Trust as the service name on the ParentPay website.  

As a registered charity we are entitled to claim Gift Aid on donations.  Gift Aid declarations enable us to generate an additional 25p for every pound you donate (at no extra cost to yourselves). So if you are a UK taxpayer please consider Gift Aiding your contribution. If you have donated by ParentPay and are a UK taxpayer we would urge you to tick the consent box so that we can claim back the tax you have paid.

We ask families to consider donating £25 per family as a single yearly donation, and parents are able to donate as a single donation through ParentPay.

Thank you for your support

The Weald School Charitable Trust