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Code of Conduct

When travelling to and from school, all normal school rules apply. Please behave in a fashion that will bring credit to the school, especially at bus stops.

In the Morning:

  • Please arrive 5 minutes earlier than stated and wait sensibly on the pavement.
  • Wait a reasonable time before going home if the bus is late; (up to 30 minutes on a fine day).
  • Do not jostle and push to get on the bus; wait until it has stopped before moving towards it.
  • Behaviour at your stop is important. At all times you are providing an image of The Weald. There should be no pushing or smoking. Be polite to any members of the public.
  • On arrival at school you must go straight in and remain in school. You must not visit local shops.

On the Bus:

  • Follow instructions given to you by the driver and the bus monitors
  • Do not eat or drink on the bus. Take your rubbish home
  • Wear seat belts, and store belts correctly at the end of the journey
  • Make sure bags do not block aisles or exits
  • Do not distract the driver
  • Remain seated throughout the journey. Do not stand up until the bus has stopped

Respect each other, the coach, the monitors, and especially the driver.

  • Be safe and do not put anyone in danger by behaving badly

In the Afternoon:

  • Go straight to the buses – they leave at 3.15pm
  • If you miss the bus, see the teacher on duty in the bus lanes
  • Take care crossing the road when getting off the bus. Never cross until the bus has departed


  • You MUST have a valid bus pass for your coach available at all times
  • If you lose your pass you must get a replacement from County Transport Team (Transport                 Co-ordination Group: 01243 753530)
  • You cannot swap coaches for any reason
  • If any problems arise contact your bus monitors and report to your Form Tutor. This is                         particularly important in cases of bullying
  • If you are being bullied or a friend is being bullied on the bus see your bus monitors or e-mail     
  • “Late” buses leave at 4.30pm and only make stops in village centres

The bus service is operated by West Sussex County Council and although we will try to help you with any problem in school, it is often better to contact County direct, Transport Co-ordination Group 01243 753530