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The Weald Community School

The WealdCommunity School and Sixth Form

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The Weald works with employers in a number of different ways.

We hold a large Future Choices Event in the autumn term - Employers, Training Providers, Volunteering and Gap year organisations as well as Colleges and Universities are invited to exhibit. We encourage all students to attend with a specific focus on year 10-13.

Year 7 

Students focus on self-awareness, resilience and the wider world. This provides a strong foundation for careers work in subsequent years.

Year 8 

We start to explore the world of careers and skills with students. Students are set a research task to find out about jobs and skills required.

Year 9

Students participate in a careers networking activity with local employers where they will ask questions about the work, routes in the job and skills required.  

Year 10

In the summer term of year 10 students go out on work experience for one week.  Most students go to a local company but some will go further afield. Students arrange their own placements and the school then arrange for appropriate health and safety checks to be carried out.  

Year 11

Apprenticeships are promoted and training providers are invited in to talk to students.

Year 12-13

Companies come in to Personal Development sessions to talk about apprenticeships and other training schemes.  Webinar and other online sessions are also used with corporate employers.

If you would like to support any of these events or have other ideas of how your business could support careers education at The Weald  please contact [email protected].