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Curriculum Intent Statement


Communication is essential to our interaction with the world around us and our ability to understand the shared human condition and empathise with others. Our intention in English is to develop students who not only demonstrate confidence in reading, writing, speaking and listening but find enjoyment and self-fulfillment in it. We believe that everybody has a right to experience and engage with a wide range of texts developing cultural capital and the opportunity to experience the world through the eyes of others in different places and at different times. To cooperatively function as an individual within society we want our students to understand what it means to communicate with a range of people for a variety of purposes and a variety of forms. We want English education to shape and support the future of young people from all contexts helping them to develop compassion and resilience whilst also providing opportunities for them to express their creativity and imagination. Through the knowledge and understanding that students gain in studying English we want them to be able to critically apply this to the texts and situations that they might ‘read’ in the wider world and to find familiarity in the concepts explored in literature as being integral to those encountered in life.

Key Stage 3 Course Information

In Key Stage 3 English we take a  Mastery approach to teaching, learning and assessment. In order to ensure that our students are ‘ready to progress’ to Key Stage 4 courses, we have produced a statement highlighting what students need to know, remember and be able to do to have 'mastered' the subject. It is against these that we assess. In students’ books and in their work we would expect to see evidence of revisiting concepts and content and students reflecting on their work and feedback from teachers. We would also expect to see evidence of the content and concepts students need to know - these will often be in the format of a knowledge organiser. This will be backed up with evidence of 'low stakes' testing so students can measure their own progress.

See our Curriculum map for further details on the content of the key Stage 3 course, which includes links to knowledge organisers. Here is the link to the ‘Ready to progress’ criteria. 

Key Stage 4 Course Information


Key Stage 5 Course Information