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Exams 2022

A Level and GCSE Summer Exams 2022

Updated June 2022

Please find below (at the bottom of this page) a copy of the May 2022 letter outlining protocols for COVID absence during this summer's exams season.

Updated February 2022

  • Schools received the Advance Materials on 7 February, which will support students in their preparation for the summer 2022 exams
  • Teachers have shared these with students, and where possible, these shaped the March Year 13 mock exam content/foci
  • OFQUAL remains committed to the summer 2022 exams going ahead, however, as this cannot be guaranteed, we still require evidence for contingency TAGs (Teacher Assessed Grades)
  • OFQUAL empowers schools to decide how to use the remaining time with our students to help rather than hinder exam preparation
  • Therefore, we have decided that the GCSE and A Level March mocks will be the last formal set of exams we will use as TAG evidence, if needed
  • Students were made aware of this before they sat their March mock exams

On 7 February, the exam boards released Advance Information for the summer 2022 A Level and GCSE exams (except GCSE English Literature, History, Geography and Art GCSE and A Level)
Advance Information is part of the special support in place for students sitting exams in summer 2022 after COVID disruption to education since March 2020.

Key Questions:
Q: Where can I find the Advance Information?
A: Here, via the JCQ website, which links to the separate exam boards. Your teachers will also provide you with all the information you need.

Q: Is the Advance Information everything I need to revise for the exam?
A: No, not necessarily. It may only cover the content for some exam questions, often those worth higher marks. This will vary between subjects and exam boards. Your teachers will tell you everything you need to know, so follow their guidance. JCQ's guidance is "to make the best use of past papers you should revise a broad range of content".

Q: Is the Advance Information in order of the questions on the summer exam papers?
A: No. They are listed in order of the specification and will appear in a different order in the exam papers.

Q: Can I take the Advance Information into the exams with me?
A: No. In GCSE Maths, Physics and Combined Science, you will be given formula sheets in the exam, but no other Advance Materials will be available to you in the exam hall.

Q: Does this mean exams are definitely going ahead in the summer of 2022?
A: Hopefully. The government remains very committed to the exams going ahead. This is Plan A. However, we continue with Plan B in the background, just in case something unpredictable happens. Therefore, we will still gather evidence which would be used to calculate a Teacher Assessed Grade (TAG) if exams had to be cancelled.

The best thing to do is focus and work hard in lessons with your teachers. Follow their feedback and act on their advice. In your independent revision, remember to do the things that are proven to be the most effective (e.g. RED) and that little and often is best!

Good Luck!


There have been some adaptations to GCSE and A Level exams which are in place to support students’ preparation ahead of the summer 2022 exams. 

GCSE Exams 2022 

(Year 11 and Year 10 Religious Studies)

  • GCSE English Literature, History and Geography will have optional topics from the exam papers. Teachers will choose topics and all Weald students will sit the same ones.
  • In all other subjects, exam boards will release advanced materials for the summer 2022 exam papers, no later than February 7th 2022. These will provide some advance information that will support students’ revision. The advance information will vary across subjects and between exam boards.
  • Art and Ceramics will be assessed by portfolio only, not by exam  
  • In Maths, Physics and Combined Science students will have a formula sheet in exams 
  • In Science some required practicals will be demonstrated and others will be completed by students
  • The results date will be August 25th 2022

A Level Exams 2022

  • In all subjects, exam boards will release advanced materials for the summer 2022 exam papers, no later than February 7th 2022. These will provide some advance information that will support students’ revision. The advance information will vary across subjects and between exam boards.
  • Art, Ceramics, Photography and Textiles will be assessed on portfolio only, not by exam 
  • Science subjects will still do the Common Practical Assessment Criteria (CPAC) in at least the minimum number of activities required
  • The results date will be August 18th 2022

Vocational and Technical Qualifications (Level 2 and 3) 2022

  • In Level 2 or Level 3 BTEC/Other Vocational Qualifications exam boards will ensure that assessment is in line with changes to GCSEs and A levels
  • The results dates will be August 18th 2022 for Level 3 qualifications and August 25th 2022 for Level 2 qualifications

Contingency Teacher Assessed Grades 2022

Although the main message remains that the plan, nationally, is for exams to go ahead in 2022, schools have been asked to have Contingency TAG (Teacher Assessed Grade) plans in place, in case exams can’t go ahead. 

  • Students will be told in advance which assessments could count towards their contingency Teacher Assessed Grade (in class assessments and mock exams)
  • It is advised that students will have 2-3 rounds of assessments/exams (depending on if a subject has an NEA - coursework)
  • These assessments/exams do not need to be in the hall, but access arrangements will be applied. 
  • Students will receive an outline of the topics on these mocks/assessments, but not the specific questions, to support their preparation
  • If students miss an assessment/exam they can sit the same paper at a later date, however we would be unable to use this to calculate a TAG, if exams don’t proceed
  • They will only be used to calculate TAG grades, alongside NEAs (coursework) if exams don’t happen
  • Marked assessment/exam papers will be held by teachers after being shown to the students in feedback lessons. These will be used if exams are cancelled as evidence to help teachers calculate TAGs
  • If required, TAG grades could be the same as or higher/lower than any one assessment/exam grade or mark

The most important message to our students is that what is absolutely clear, is that preparing really well for assessments and mock exams is the best practice for the summer exams. These assessments are opportunities to get into great habits and work hard throughout the year, learn from your feedback and continue to improve.

Please click here for the full contingency arrangements if GCSE, AS and A Level exams do not go ahead in 2022.

Please click here to access a letter to students from the chair of Ofqual about this summer's grading arrangements.

Key Dates 2021-22

Whilst we have had to make some adaptations to our assessment and reporting calendar, we have tried to maintain the normal patterns of exam year assessment to maximise curriculum time with teachers. 

Year 11 (Year 10 RS)

  • Mock Exams 1 - 3-17th December 2021
  • Mock Exams 1 - Results Day on 11th January 2022, followed by Tracking Report 2
  • Mock Exams 2 (in subjects with no NEA) - beginning 14th March 2022
  • If required, there will be a third assessment window - timing tbc

 Year 13

  • In-class assessment 1- in the fortnight beginning 4th January 2022 (in exam conditions)
  • Tracking Report 2 - after 25th January 2022
  • Mock Exams 1 - in the fortnight beginning 28th February 2022
  • Mock Exams 1 - Results Day on 24th March 2022
  • ​​​​​​​If required, there will be a third assessment window - timing tbc