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KS4 Triple Science

Exam Board: AQA Trilogy

Triple Science Summary list

Revision Guides

Exam Structure (Includes links to revision sources and past exam papers)

Six exams in total - 1hr and 15mins each.

Biology Paper 1 (Foundation & Higher)

B1 Cell Biology
B2 Organisation
B3 Infection & Response
B4 Bioenergetics

Biology Paper 2 (Foundation & Higher)
B5 Homeostasis & Response
B6 Inheritance, variation and evolution
B7 Ecology

Chemistry Paper 1 (Foundation & Higher)
C1 Atomic structure and the periodic table
C2 Bonding, structure and the properties of matter
C3 Quantitative chemistry
C4 Chemical changes
C5 Energy changes

Chemistry Paper 2 (Foundation & Higher)
C6 The rate and extent of chemical change
C7 Organic chemistry
C8 Chemical analysis
C9 Chemistry of the atmosphere
C10 Using resources

Physics Paper 1 (Foundation & Higher)
P1 Energy
P2 Electricity
P3 Particle model of matter
P4 Atomic structure

Physics Paper 2 (Foundation & Higher)
P5 Forces
P6 Waves
P7 Magnetism and electromagnetism

P8 Space Physics


Biology Paper 1 PLC
Chemistry Paper 1 PLC
Physics Paper 1 PLC

Biology Paper 2 PLC
Chemistry Paper 2 PLC
Physics Paper 2 PLC