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KS5 Physical Education

Exam Board: OCR A-level Physical Education

Course Code: H555

Course Specification
OCR A-level PE Specification

Course Breakdown
Module 1 - Anatomy and Physiology - 2 hour paper (30%)
Module 2 - Skill Acquisition and Psychology - 1 hour paper (20%)
Module 3 - Socio-cultural Issues in Sport - 1 hour paper (20%)

Practical Assessment (15%)
EAPI Verbal Assessment (15%)

Personalised Learning Checklist (PLCs):
PLC Module 1
PLC Module 2
PLC Module 3

Revision Materials:
Year 1 Revision Pages
Year 2 Revision Pages

Past Exam Papers:
Paper 1
Paper 2
Paper 3

Recommended Revision Guides:
Keri Moorhouse - my revision notes - OCR A-level PE (revision notes and practice questions) - £14.92 on Amazon

Jan Roscoe - Revise for PE (revision notes and practice questions)
Year 1 Book - £14.99 on Amazon
Year 2 Book - £14.99 on Amazon

Coursework Guidance
Non-Exam Assessment (NEA) guidance link

Part 1: Practical Coursework and Logbook
Part of the Non Exam Assessment (NEA)

15% of overall exam grade
30 marks
1 sport only
Videoing their skills and game play and recording a logbook of their training and matches/performances.

Summary of practical requirements link: Slides 1 - 25

Part 2: Evaluation and Analysis of Performance Assessment (EAPI) - Verbal Assessment 
Part of the Non Exam Assessment (NEA)

15% of overall exam grade
30 marks
Students will be required to watch an unseen video of a peer in their sport and give a verbal response. They will be required to explain their peers strengths, weaknesses and give a 3 month action plan to improve their main weakness to ultimately improve their performance.