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Late Buses

The Weald School organises two late bus services to enable students to get home after participating in after school clubs on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays in term time. 

These students are issued with a late bus pass by staff in order to access the provision. The services cover central stops in the majority of the surrounding villages.   

For student safety, the late buses will only stop at the stops shown on Route lists and drivers will not be permitted to drop off students anywhere else on the journey. 

Please ensure that you make suitable arrangements for your child to get home from their nearest stop on the list. 

Any timings shown are purely an indication and are based on average journey times for the full route. 

The stops on these late buses depend on the passenger take up on any particular day and therefore stops are only made if requested and routes may vary, depending on the stops required each day. 

Please make sure your child informs the driver which of the stops they require as they board each time.

Route 551

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Departs 16.30 Weald School

  • Wisborough Green, The Old stores/Recreation,
  • Skiff Common Bus Stop,
  • Kirdford, Townfield Road,
  • Plaistow, Mackerels' Common,
  • Ifold, Chalk Road,
  • Ifold, Ifold Stores,
  • Loxwood, Station Road,
  • Tismans Common, Mucky Duck,
  • Rudgwick, Queen Elizabeth Road,
  • Slinfold, Red Lyon,
  • Slinfold, Lyons Road.

Route 552

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Departs 16.30 Weald School

  • Gay Street Turning,
  • Pulborough, Codmore Hill,
  • Pulborough, Sainsburys,
  • Pulborough, Harwoods Garage,
  • Pulborough, Lower Street,
  • Pulborough, Red Lion,
  • Pulborough, White Horse, Mare Hill
  • Pulborough, Tudor Close
  • West Chiltington, Crossroads,
  • Thakeham,
  • Danhill Crossroads,
  • Coolham Crossroads,
  • Shipley, Countryman Inn,
  • Shipley, Paygate,
  • Southwater, Tipsy Fox,
  • Barns Green, Parkers Corner,
  • Brooks Green.

Please click on the links below to see Route Information for both of our routes.