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Mastery Information

In KS3 at The Weald, we take a Mastery approach to teaching and assessment. This model is based on the best available evidence about what has the biggest impact on student progress. This includes studies of the best performing education systems internationally. 

Our approach aims to achieve the wider objective at Key Stage 3 to engender a thirst for knowledge, encouraging curiosity and providing the foundations that allow students to have the skills and understanding to succeed in life, especially in those subjects that they will not choose to pursue at Key Stage 4. In addition, the curriculum is carefully designed to ensure that we are able to prepare students for success at GCSE ensuring students master concepts, content and skills before moving on. We aim only to teach the key content and concepts that are critical in accessing each subject area at KS4. This approach necessitates revisiting and reviewing concepts, skills and content as well as diagnostic testing in order to ensure all students master each subject at KS3.

The tracking reports you receive will reflect this model and will indicate whether a child is on track to master a subject at the end of year 8 or not. We will also indicate if a student is making progress beyond this. The most important aspect of these reports though is the subject comments about how to continue on or get on to, this trajectory towards mastery.

In students exercise books we would expect to see evidence of revisiting concepts and content and students reflecting on their work and feedback from teachers. We would also expect to see evidence of what content and concepts students need to know in a format the students can use. This will be backed up with evidence of 'low stakes' testing so students can measure their own progress.

If you have any questions or would like to know more please book onto our KS3 parental learning walk or contact [email protected] 

Subject Descriptors

Please see the documents below outlining individual subject concepts.