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Curriculum Intent Statement


The Mathematics curriculum at The Weald seeks to:
1. enable all students to be numerate in order that they are successful in the wider world 
2. develop confidence and enthusiasm in solving a range of mathematical problems 
3. enable all students to achieve the minimum grades they require to access their next steps in education or work

At KS3 we set out to achieve this through teaching a mastery curriculum to form a secure foundation for success in more advanced Mathematics. This is taught through a focus on numeracy, algebra and problem solving skills. 

At KS4 we build upon this to provide students with the skills, knowledge and confidence to achieve the GCSE success that meets their future needs, as well as the ability to tackle mathematical problems in their everyday lives. 

At KS5 we aim to develop expert mathematicians who are equipped to study Mathematics or other qualifications beyond school. These students need to be increasingly inquisitive, independent and resilient mathematicians. 

Fundamentally, the Mathematics curriculum is critical in accessing all other subjects in all walks of life both professional and personal. As such, success in Mathematics lessons, exams and learning is critical. It is also important that students are confident and enjoy Mathematics. We aim to achieve both these goals through our curriculum.

Key Stage 3 Course Information

In Key Stage 3 Maths we take a Mastery approach to teaching, learning and assessment. In order to ensure that our students are ‘ready to progress’ to Key Stage 4 courses, we have produced a statement highlighting what students need to know, remember and be able to do to have 'mastered' the subject. It is against these that we assess. In students’ books and in their work we would expect to see evidence of revisiting concepts and content and students reflecting on their work and feedback from teachers. We would also expect to see evidence of the content and concepts students need to know - these will often be in the format of a knowledge organiser. This will be backed up with evidence of 'low stakes' testing so students can measure their own progress.

See our Curriculum map for further details on the content of the Key Stage 3 course, which includes links to knowledge organisers.  Here is the link to the 'Ready to progress' criteria

Key Stage 4 Course Information


Key Stage 5 Course Information