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My Child at School

As a school we are using the MyChildatSchool (MCAS) portal for parents/carers to access information about your child. In addition to this, we have launched the student portal with all students. 

The student portal will replace Talaxy, which will no longer be used. All homework will be set by teachers within the student portal. You will have visibility of your child's homework within the MCAS portal. 

Students will be shown how to access the student portal using a web browser via their form tutor. Should a student wish to access the student portal on their phone here is a demonstration video detailing how to set this up using the free Bromcom student portal app. Please note, students are not able to access their phones on school site between 8:45am and 3:05pm, the phone app would be for use outside these times. 

If your child is new to the school, and you are unfamiliar with, or have not previously logged into MyChildatSchool, the information below provides an overview of MCAS and how you can log in to access this information. It is highly recommended that parents/carers set up the MCAS portal.

What is MCAS?

MyChildatSchool (MCAS) is a free portal that can enable parents to view key information about their child in real time using either a web browser or the mobile app. The portal has multiple modules (known as widgets in Bromcom) allowing exclusive real time access to key information such as academic dates, attendance and personal details the school holds for you and your child. 

In addition the portal also has modules providing information on timetables, achievement & behaviour, homework, assessment & reports, payment facilities, parent consent and clubs & trips. 

Currently, the MyChildatSchool portal provides parents with the following information:

  • Student & academic timetable

    • See your child’s weekly timetable and term dates.

  • Ability to update key household/child information

    • Changed address or phone number? Update us through the portal.

  • Attendance

    • See children’s attendance data.

  • Exam Timetables

    • View your child’s exam timetable with key information

  • Student Reports

  • Student tracking documents are available to view within the MCAS app. 

  • School letters

    • Communication letters from the school can be viewed within the message section within the MCAS app. We recommend push notifications are turned on for the best use of this feature.

  • Achievement/house points & behaviour points

    • See your child’s achievement & behaviour points

  • Homework (new for 2023/2024)

    • All your child's homework will be visible within the homework module in MCAS. You will have visibility of the homework which has been set including the due date to support your child in completing their homework on time. 

As we continue to test additional features and modules, we will launch further services in MCAS. We will communicate about these new services and their functions as we launch them. 

How to access MCAS - New MCAS Accounts

For new accounts you will receive an email to the address we have on our school MIS system, with a link to set up your password to access MCAS. The email will look like the example below:

To create your password for the portal, follow the link. Once this has been set up, to access the MCAS portal you will use your email address and your newly created password. 

Once your account has been created, there are two ways to access MCAS. 

  1. You use a web browser on a computer/laptop.

  2. You can download the free MCAS app on your mobile device. It is available via your devices app store searching MyChildatSchool, and the app works on all iOS and Android mobile phones. 

If you do not receive an email and it has not landed in your junk folder, please email our MCAS support ( outlining your name and email address.

Existing Accounts

If you already have an MCAS account please continue to login with your email address and password via or via the mobile phone app.

A full support guide for MCAS parent portal can be found using this link

Parents are encouraged to set up the app on their mobile devices after the initial setup process outlined above. Having the app will allow us to send notifications (please have notifications turned on for the app via the settings menu on your device) about your child to your mobile phone. 

Should you have any technical issues relating to MCAS please email stating your name and contact information along with your issue and we will look into a resolution for you. For any questions about information within the MCAS modules, please contact your child’s form tutor in the first instance.