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The Weald Community School

The WealdCommunity School and Sixth Form

School (Y7 - 11): 01403 787200

Sixth Form: 01403 787283

Pastoral Structure

The Weald Houses


      Mrs R A'Barrow         Mr J Healy           Mrs V Green       Mrs C Burke         Mrs P Robins        Mrs A Sharp            Attenborough          Blackman              DaVinci             Mercury              Seacole            Thompson

The school is structured into 6 houses: Attenborough, Blackman, DaVinci, Mercury, Seacole, Thompson. Each has a non-teaching Head of House available for supporting students and parents. A house is normally made up of 9 or 10 tutor groups, with 4-5 from each year group. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have put a flat structure in place so that all tutor groups are single year groups within each house. We will revert to our normal structure as soon as possible.

The house system supports our community ethos across all year groups as students throughout the school work together to take part in house events ranging from assemblies, charity fundraising activities, sporting events, music, dance and drama events as well as the many extra-curricular clubs and activities in a normal week. All positive activities in any aspect of school can earn house points which lead to a termly cup and the grand House Cup awarded each year with much celebration and reward.

The house structure particularly develops the leadership skills of our students. Each year group has house reps that play a key role in sporting and cultural events or in the running of the house or school council. Our House Captains are important role models who organise, lead and motivate their peers. They are invaluable in their support and guidance within their house community.

We are very proud of the quality of care, support and guidance that all our students receive as they grow into young adults.

The structure within houses supports students through:

  • Non-teaching Heads of House who are available for parents and students throughout the day for all pastoral needs (we aim to place siblings in the same house so each family becomes a valued part of the community)
  • Heads of Year who are able to track and monitor effectively to ensure strong academic progress
  • Learning Mentors who work in each key stage to mentor and support the progress of any vulnerable students
  • Two school counsellors available on referral for students who may need extra support from time to time

The structure within tutor groups supports students through:

  • Quality interaction for each student with their tutor when they need it
  • Structured and supportive peer mentoring
  • Senior peer mentoring from the VI form attached students
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Form time games, quizzes and competitions
  • Peer learning through structured form time activities