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Post Results Services

FAQ Post Results Service (PRS)

What is a Post Results Service?
Once a candidate has received their results, there is a window of opportunity for an enquiry to be made with the appropriate exam board for any instances where the candidate is concerned that an error may have been made with the marking of an exam script or scripts. An example of this would be where a student’s grade significantly differs from their predicted grade or where a student feels their marks do not reflect the way they felt the exam went.

What should be considered before making a PRS application?
It is important that candidates are fully aware of the potential implications of a clerical review or review of results request. During the review process, a candidates marks can go up, which on occasion resulting in a move up to the next grade boundary however, there is no grade protection and marks can equally go down, potentially to the grade boundary below or further.

What should I do if I’m thinking about making a PRS application?
If you decide to go ahead and make a PRS application, it is important that you first seek advice from your teacher, the subject leader or exams office.

For A Levels - There will be members of the Exams Department available to speak to on the A Level Results Day and subsequent Friday between 09:00 - 11:00. In addition, the exams email ([email protected]) will be checked on a daily basis for queries and PRS applications for the duration of the following week.

For GCSEs - GCSE applications are considered a non priority service and therefore will be processed once the Autumn term commences. This will allow students time to liaise with teachers at their convenience.

How do I make a PRS application?

Upon the release of results, PRS application forms will be made available to download on the The Weald School website. Paper copies are also available upon request from the Exams department in term time or during the Results Day hand out.

What are the services available?

Service 1 - Clerical re-check
This is a check of all the clerical procedures including the totalling of marks and the recording of marks.

Service 2 - Review of Results
This is a post results review of the original marking to ensure that the agreed mark scheme has been applied correctly as well as the clerical re-check  which is provided in Service 1.
Please note, this is not a re-mark of the paper.

Priority Service 2 - Priority Review of Results (A Level only)
This is a priority post results review of the original marking to ensure that the agreed mark scheme has been applied correctly as well as the clerical re-check  which is provided in Service 1.

Is there a fee for making an application?
Fees are set by the individual exam boards and are listed on the PRS application form. For clerical checks and reviews of results, fees will be refunded if the subject grades are amended either upwards or downwards.
Payment of fees should be made via the link to the ParentPay Shop which can be found on the PRS application form.

How long do applications take to process?
The processing of applications can vary significantly but as a rough guide from the point of an application being lodged with the exam board, it will typically take between 1 and 2 weeks for an outcome to be made available.

How will I receive notification that an outcome of a PRS has been received?
We will email an outcome to the email address supplied by the candidate on the application form. 

If I am not happy with the outcome, can I still appeal?
There is an appeals process that can be undertaken should you remain dissatisfied after having received the outcome of a review of results. This can only be submitted by the Head of Centre who would have to be satisfied with the grounds for appeal. Private appeals cannot be made directly to the exam board. All appeals must be made within 15 calendar days of receiving the outcome of the review of results.