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The Weald Community School

The WealdCommunity School and Sixth Form

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Pupil Premium Plan 2018-19

Approximately one in five students at The Weald is eligible for the Pupil Premium Grant and for the 2018-19 academic year the total pupil premium grant allocation amount is projected to be £202,155.

How the pupil premium allocation will be spent in 2018-19

Quality first teaching (£6,800)

Example Action Intended outcome

Embedding evidence-based techniques

(metacognition &

responsive teaching) into SoW

Improved outcomes and progress: shown to have a particularly significant impact on disadvantaged students by EEF
Seating plans Use Class Charts and ensure PP students sit in a  place to support their learning.

Specific support  (£195,310)

Example Action Intended outcome
Leadership (SLT/inclusion manager) Promote a culture of positive discrimination and oversee PP plan. Identify the needs of individual students and support as appropriate.
Pastoral: HoH support, form tutor daily checks and calls prior to parents evening Better relationships with PP students and families. Understanding of barriers to progress. Greater Parental engagement at parents evening.
Intervention groups Improved progress and outcomes.
Learning mentors and TA support More confident students, removal of barriers.
Priority for 6th form tutoring PP students prioritised for tutoring by 6th form tutors
Wellbeing and Attendance Improved engagement with families and attendance by PP students
Curriculum equipment and revision guides Improved engagement with course by removal of barriers
Music lessons for GCSE Students All GCSE students supported with funding for music lessons - improved progress and outcomes in GCSE
Subsidised trips, opportunities and visits such as school production, trips and work experience Improved engagement and enjoyment. Wider participation in the school community.

The projected P8 score for the current year 11 PP cohort is -0.4. In 2017/8 it was -0.59
The date of the next review of the school’s pupil premium strategy is June 2019