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The Weald Community School

The WealdCommunity School and Sixth Form

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Pupil Premium Report 2018-19

Total actual allocation: £206,039

Quality first teaching (£6,800)

Example Action Impact

Embedding evidence based techniques

(metacognition & responsive teaching) into SoW

Slight improvement in progress gap compared to Year 11 in 2018. Gap projected to shrink further next year. Improvement in overall P8.
Seating plans to ensure PP students in the best seat for them Improved behaviour for learning. Better focus in lessons. Behaviour data improved throughout the year.

Specific support  (£199,239)

Example Action Impact
Leadership (SLT/inclusion manager) Implementation of the below.
Pastoral: HoH support, form tutor daily checks and calls prior to parents evening

More focus and attention on PP students by staff.

Parent engagement with support for attending parents’ evening achieved mixed results.

Intervention groups Improved outcomes compared to pre-intervention predictions.
Learning mentors and TA support 100% students reported this support improved confidence.
Alternative provision for some students (college places) Students progress above average for disadvantaged students.
Priority for 6th form tutoring Students who attended found tutoring extremely helpful and reported improved confidence but not all engaged with the opportunity.
Wellbeing and Attendance Attendance initiatives saw slight improvements in some students’ attendance but not all.
Curriculum equipment and revision guides Improved engagement with course by removal of barrier. 100% of students surveyed found the revision guides useful or very useful.
Music lessons for GCSE Students Music P8 +0.6, greater numbers of PP students taking music GCSE.
Subsidised trips, opportunities and visits such as school production, trips and work experience Getting help with trips was the #1 response to student voice when PP students were asked what type of support is most helpful.

The P8 score for the 2018-19 year 11 PP cohort was -0.42. The projected P8 score for the current year 11 PP cohort is -0.4.


The date of the next review of the school’s pupil premium strategy is June 2020.