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Reporting and Tracking Guidance

A tracking report is designed to inform parents and carers about their child's progress at three points throughout the academic year. It contains a range of information to keep students, parents and carers informed. Tracking reports enable us to recognise excellent achievements and attendance as well as target support for students who require it.

We have redesigned our tracking process for 2022-23 and believe that it represents a balance between providing a range of accurate information about academic performance alongside remaining motivational for all students, irrespective of their prior academic attainment. We feel that this best embodies our ethos of Opportunity and Community.

We firmly believe that regular and routine communication between home and school means that we can work together to support students to achieve their very best. We hope that the following guides help you better understand the tracking report. However, should you have any further questions on the new format, you can contact us via this feedback form.