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Sociology & Criminology

Curriculum Intent Statement


The intention of our curriculum is to stimulate a life-long interest in human behaviour and the social sciences. Through our curriculum, we ask students to actively draw on their own experiences, values, and aspirations to analyse how they have been shaped by culture, society, history, politics and economics.  News articles about contemporary issues and debates are frequently used to highlight the relevance of our subjects for understanding the challenges facing policy makers.  We support students to acquire the conceptual language that they need to fully understand and analyse competing perspectives and we promote the skills need to engage in respectful dialogue and debate. Students are taught to think critically about what can and can’t be established from different types of data, so they can draw informed and well-reasoned conclusions. Given that both Sociology and Criminology deal with such challenging subject matter, above all we aim to help students understand the extent of their own agency and role that they can play in transforming society for the better.



Key Stage 5 Course Information