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Staff Email Addresses

Please see below for details of how to contact individual staff members.  Listed are teaching staff, plus heads of houses and key support staff members.

Name Responsibility Staff initials Email Address
ADENIYI, Sara Computer Science / IT SAI [email protected]
ASCHETTINO, Tony Director of Learning Support (SEN) AAS [email protected]
AMERIO, Jane PE JAM [email protected]
ASHCROFT, Karen PE KAS [email protected]
AUSTIN, Sophie Languages SAU [email protected]
AUSTIN-SEYMOUR, Phillipa Numeracy Tutor PAU [email protected]
BARRINGTON-WELLS, Lucy Languages LBW [email protected]
BACHELOR, Lisa Emotional Literacy Support Assistant LBA [email protected]
BEARD, Sarah Subject leader History SBD [email protected]
BECK, Samantha  Joint Subject Leader – Art SBK [email protected]
BELLAS, Beverley Photography / Art BBE [email protected]
BENNETT, Melanie Science, Psychology MBE [email protected]
BERESFORD, Alex Science  ABD [email protected]
BICKNELL, Amy Family Liaison Officer ABI [email protected]
BOOTH, Kate Science KBO [email protected]
BRAIDWOOD, Alex History, Sociology & Criminology ABW [email protected]
BRIMACOMBE, Richard Assistant Headteacher / Music RBR [email protected]
BRINKLOW, Tony Science & Maths Tutor ABK [email protected]
BRIXEY, Tom Head of Year 9 / History TBR [email protected]
BROWN, Alexander Maths ABN [email protected]
BURNS, Rebecca Maths RBU [email protected]
CALVIN, Danielle  English DCN [email protected]
CARTER, Steven Science / Physics Subject Leader / Science KS4 Co-ordinator SCA [email protected]
CATCHPOLE, Sally English SCT [email protected]
CATT, Steve Deputy Headteacher STC [email protected]
CHARMAN, Kelly Economics/ Business Studies KCH [email protected]
CHESSUN-LAWRENCE, Victoria Geography VCH [email protected]
CLEMENTS, Yvonne PA to Headteacher YCL [email protected]
COLGAN, John-Paul English Assistant Subject Leader (KS5) JCO [email protected]
COOK, Graham Head of Year 7 / RS GCK [email protected]
CORDERY, Mike Maths MCO [email protected]
CORTIZO, Aja Deputy Headteacher / History ACZ [email protected]
COSHAM, Sam Science SCO [email protected]
CROFT-WANG, Frances English FCR [email protected]
DAY, Tamsin Assistant Headteacher, Head of Sixth Form / Languages TDA [email protected]
DIXON, Neil Science / KS5 Co-ordinator NDI [email protected]
DIXON, Sangeeta Equality Lead SDN [email protected]
DJOGO, Caitlin Languages CDJ [email protected]
DOIDGE, Eleanor Art & Photography EDO [email protected]
DRAKE, Stephanie Music SDR [email protected]
DUFFIELD, Victoria Languages Assistant Subject Leader VDU [email protected]
DUNCAN, Jessica English JDU [email protected]
EDWARDS, Kirsty Art / Photography KED [email protected]
EDWARDS, Sarah Headteacher SED [email protected] (mark emails "for the attention of the Headteacher")
EGAN Susan English SEG [email protected]
EDGE, Phillip Maths Assistant Subject Leader (Y11) PED [email protected]
ELMER Kirsty Drama Subject Leader  KEL [email protected]
ELSTON, Frances Science / KS3 Co-ordinator FEL [email protected]
ELSWORTH-SMITH, Sara Literacy Tutor / Curriculum Support SES [email protected]
ERRICKER, Luke Maths LER [email protected]
EVEREST, Neil RS / Head of Character and Culture NEV [email protected]
FENTON, Rebecca Technology/Food & Nutrition RFE [email protected]
FRANCIS, Ben Head of Year 10 / DT BFR [email protected]
FRANCIS, Olivia English OFR [email protected]
GARDNER, Hannah Head of Year 11 / History HGA [email protected]
GARDNER, Ian Music Subject Leader  IGA [email protected]
GIBERT, Stephanie Languages SGI [email protected]
GOACHER, Shani PE / Health & Social Care KS4 Co-ordinator  SGO [email protected]
GOODA, Theresa English TGO [email protected]
GRAHAM, Lydia Science LGA [email protected]
GREEN, Melanie Business Studies / Economics MGR [email protected]
GREEN, Vanessa Head of House (Da Vinci) VGR [email protected]
HARDY, Steven English SHA [email protected]
HAYES, Rebecca PE RHA [email protected]
HEARNDEN, Lewis Director of Science LHN [email protected]
HEATHER, Lorraine Director of Maths LHE [email protected]
HEALY, Jody Head of House (Blackman) JHY [email protected]
HENDERSON-SMITH, Anna Maths Assistant Subject Leader (KS5) AHS [email protected]
HILL, Laura Food & Nutrition / Health & Social Care LHI [email protected] 
HINDHAUGH, Jo English JHI [email protected]
HOBBS, Nigel Head of Technology NHO [email protected]
HOLLAND, Clare Business Studies CHO [email protected]
HOLT, Georgina Head of Year 10 / Science GHL [email protected]
HUDSON, Simon Drama SHU [email protected]
HUGHES, Sarah English SHG [email protected]
JENKINS, Guy English, Drama GJE [email protected]
JOHNSON, Bailie Head of RS BAJ [email protected]
JUDD, Madeleine Science MJU [email protected]
KELLER, Guy Geography Assistant Subject Leader GKE [email protected]
KING, Gemma Maths Assistant Subject Leader (Y7 & Y8) GKI [email protected]
LEWIS, Phil PE Subject Leader  PLE

[email protected]

MALONE, Warren Maths WMA [email protected]
MARTIN, Anne Health & Social Care / Food Tech AMA [email protected]
MASSETT, Geoff Computing  GMA [email protected]
McCAUGHAN, Megan Head of Year 8/PE MMC [email protected]
McINERNEY, Debbie Assistant Headteacher / Languages DMC [email protected]
McKENNA, Elaine English Assistant Subject Leader (KS4 Co-ordinator) EMC [email protected]
MEANEY, Barry PE BME [email protected]
MELHUISH, Anne Science AME [email protected]
MERRIAM, Penny Maths Numeracy Tutor PME [email protected]
MERRICK, Roz School Counsellor RMK [email protected]
MILLER, Beth Technology BMR [email protected]
MILLINER, Julie Computing & ICT Subject Leader / E-learning lead JMI [email protected]
MILLWARD, Stephen Science SML [email protected]
MOORE, Julia Head of House (Seacole) JMO [email protected]
MORLEY, Phoebe English PMO [email protected]
MOWFORTH, Andy Assistant Headteacher / Maths AMO [email protected]
NEWBOLD, Carly Languages CNW [email protected]
NEWINGTON, Natasha Drama NNE [email protected]
NICHOLLS, Kat English KNI [email protected]
OSBORN, Lucy Music LOS [email protected]
PALMER, Emma Art EPA [email protected]
PARKINSON, Sam PE SPA [email protected]
PELLING, Juliette Maths Assistant Subject Leader (Y9 & Y10) JPE [email protected]
PHILLIPS, George RTL Manager GPH [email protected]
PHILLIPS, Louise Design Technology LPH [email protected]
POW, Yvette Maths YPO [email protected]
POWER, Claire Geography Subject Leader CPO [email protected]
READ, Suzy Maths SRE [email protected]
READMAN, Jennifer English Assistant Subject Leader JRE [email protected]
REED, Rebecca English & Media Studies RRE [email protected]
REID, Sarah Subject Leader for Alternative Curriculum SRI [email protected]
RIGBY, Jemma Director of English JRI [email protected]
ROBINSON, Sarah Science SRO [email protected]
SANDS, David PE  DSN [email protected]  
SETCHELL, Oliver Science / PE OSE [email protected]
SHARP, Anna Head of House (Thompson) ASH [email protected]
SHRIMPTON, Suzanne Sixth Form Pastoral Manager SSH [email protected]
SIMMONITE, Richard Head of Technology RSI [email protected]
SIMPSON, Ben Maths BSI [email protected]
SMITH, Jenny Science JSM [email protected]
SORRELL, Zoe Deputy Headteacher / History ZSO [email protected]
SPERRING, Elaina Geography Assistant Subject Leader ESP [email protected]
STOCKMAN, David English DST [email protected]
SUMMERFIELD, Sarah Head of House (Mercury) SSU [email protected]
TESTER, Clare Art Joint Subject Leader CTE [email protected]
THOMAS, Sarah English / Media STO [email protected]
TODD, Jenny Art JTO [email protected]
TOPPS, Fiona English FTO [email protected]
TUCKER, Heidi Sixth Form Manager HTU [email protected]
WALLER, Michael Business Studies & Maths MWA [email protected]
WATTS, Jacob History Assistant Subject Leader JWA [email protected]
WELCH, Naomi Technology NWE [email protected]
WILLIAMS, Ellie Sociology/History EWI [email protected]
WILLIAMS, Michelle Inclusion Manager MWI [email protected]
WILSON, Jordan Head of House (Attenborough) JWI [email protected]
WYLES, Chantelle School Counsellor CWY [email protected]
YATES, Matthew Science MYA [email protected]