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Student Leadership

Student Leadership is a vital part of The Weald School. We believe that offering Students the chance to experience one of the vast numbers of leadership roles that we offer helps them to develop personally, underpinning the key values and ethos of the School. Leadership enables our Students to be proactive and independent, whilst empowering them with other key skills to use long after their time with us.

Area Details
Radio Weald Radio Weald is a place for young leaders to take their love of music and radio and share it with others. Student leaders are vital to the running of our much-loved radio station. At our Tuesday meetings after school you will learn from and lead workshops, create radio shows, broadcast to the school and also learn how to manage the studio so that Radio Weald runs like clockwork.
LRC The Student Librarians carry out a variety of duties to keep the LRC running smoothly and supporting the LRC Manager. They process new stock, shelve books, make displays, issue books, help with author visits and book clubs.
PE & Sport The Sports Leaders Level 1 qualification is offered to all Year 10 core PE students. Their responsibilities include running regular sports sessions for local primary school pupils, running festivals of sport, assisting with after-school clubs and officiating at sports day.
Weald TV The Weald has its own production team, who use advanced audiovisual equipment including a green screen to create content for all areas of the school. Thy are responsible for live-streaming assemblies and the creation of school promotional videos. Students can take the role of floor manager, studio operator, editor, camera operator and writer-presenter.
House The House Captains are predominantly drawn from Year 11 as leaders of their House and are responsible for running House assemblies and the House Council. The Sport and Culture Captains hold responsibility for the sporting and cultural events.
School Council The School Council meets once per half-term and is led by the Sixth Form Lead Prefects. They help form the agenda and lead the discussions without staff presence (except to present items on the agenda). They review school policies and provide feedback to the SLT from House Councils and vice-versa. 
Technicians Student Technicians are a dedicated team of students drawn from all year groups who provide technical support for a range of school events. They are most frequently seen installing and operating the PA and projection systems for school assemblies, but also offer support at open evenings and other events, often working closely in partnership with Radio Weald.
GreenPower Car For several years now, our team of approximately twenty students have been an active participant in the Greenpower Car championships. This is a national schools’ competition in which students design and build an electric car, powered by batteries, and race it. The team meet once a week to work on the cars and have had national success in their work.
Eco Club This club involves students from all year groups who work together to raise awareness of environmental issues, promote eco-friendly policies and ways of living in and out of school. Eco club aims to make the school more environmentally aware, eco-friendly and a safe area for local wildlife.
Art The Art Leaders range across all year groups and their main role is to promote art in school as well as work on projects in the wider community. Students share and combine ideas, developing their art skills. Art leaders promote wellbeing and friendship through learning together.