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Work Experience

Why do Work Experience?

  • Helps a student to decide what job to pursue after school.
  • Shows employers, when they leave school, that a student is keen and determined to work in their chosen area.
  • Will give a student the chance to prove to a future employer that they are reliable and trustworthy.
  • Is a good way to build up a portfolio of references when applying for future jobs.
  • Gives a student a good idea of how it feels to be working - the length of the day, breaks, working with others.

Year 10 Work Experience

This year’s work experience will take place for our Year 10 students during ACE week, 29th June - 3rd July 2020.

Work Experience in Sixth Form

An increasing number of Sixth Form students need to engage with industry at some point during their one or two-year courses. In some cases, this is a work experience geared particularly to their chosen vocational area of study, eg Medicine, Teaching, Dentistry, Veterinary Science, Sport and Leisure, Health and Social Care or Public Services.

In addition, as educational changes develop, more students may need to work on an assignment or a subject where an education-business partnership would be ideal. This may involve students coming to the business-place or staff from industry coming to work on a group session with students in school. Various scenarios develop according to need.

Corporately, parents within the school have a huge area of contact with the work base and it is one very real way that parents can help a school in making education provision by assisting in the framework of “education and work”.

Many parents are so grateful their child has progressed successfully through “Work Experience” that they are happy to offer their services in turn to someone else’s child in the area. Please help us to enrich our work experience opportunities further by contacting the Careers Department by email or telephone and providing us with the name of a contact in a company who can offer a placement, either to your child or some other student.

Nicola Haynes - Careers & Work Experience Manager
Tel: 01403 787260
Email [email protected]

We regularly measure and assess the impact of careers work via pupil questionnaires.

This information will be reviewed in September 2021.